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Witch Catastrophe in Westerham—Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 17

Witch Catastrophe in Westerham—Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 17

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When one of Lily’s witchy talents reveals that a horrific catastrophe is coming, the PIB have no idea what, how, and when. Can they unravel the mystery before scores of people are killed?

On a trip to the Natural History Museum in London with Lavender and Sarah, Lily decides to take some photos to remember her day, unfortunately, she sees more than she ever wanted. Many people in the museum are see through, indicating they're going to die. Lily and her friends change to detective mode immediately because whatever tragedy is going to unfold will kill scores of innocent people.

After a lengthy investigation, they narrow things down, but when the time comes to avert disaster, the unthinkable happens, and their suspect escapes with help from a surprising quarter.

As well as the disaster, Angelica and the team have Chadiot to deal with, and the directors, who have just upped the stakes. With a frenzy of danger hurtling towards them, can Lily, Angelica, and the team solve the crime and keep the bureau from going under, or will all their efforts be in vain?

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  • English Village Setting
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